The smaller events are held at the cosy and homely guest house.



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Event Type

Guest House, Garden area, Cutlery, Crockery, Drinkware in inventory,
Chairs: Tiffany / Rustic / Executive in inventory
Tables: Trestle / Rustic / Executive in inventory Bridal table / Speaker table
Note: 6 hours for the event.
Table decor in inventory, Center pieces in inventory,
Function Co-Ordination/Planner, Setup team, Waiters, Cleaners, Security, Breakdown team,
USB Music, Portable Event Speakers,

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Guest Number

30 Guests Package

Events held at the Guest House is set to 30 pax maximum and minimum. Our event package includes all furniture, decor, cutlery, crockery, drinkware, cake stands, centerpieces, waiters, cleaning team, audio visuals and much more.

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Savoury Platter

[INCLUDED] Selection of savouries, canapes and mini cakes served in platter Drinks: A variety of cool drinks and water.

Chef's Choice

[UPGRADE] -Starters-: Scrimp cocktail -Main Course-: Chicken pie, bobotie meatballs, roasted lamb -Sides- : Pumpkin fritters, fried green beans, garlic roast potatoes, savory yellow rice -Salads-: Greek salad, cocktail rolls -Dessert-: Hot chocolate pudding with ice cream -Drinks-: A variety of popular cool drinks and water.

Chicken Biryani

[UPGRADE] Starter: Soji (braised wheat in clarified butter) Main Course: South African Chicken Biryani, (Scented basmati rice whipped up with spices and saffron, cooked over wood/gas fire), Served with savoury sour milk and papri (crisp fried wafer) Salad: Green salad Dessert: Mini Chocolate Mousse Drinks: A variety of softdrinks and water

SA Menu

[UPGRADE] -Starters-: Savouries in platters, Chicken & beef samoosas, spring roll with dip -Main Course-: Beef stew, fried chicken, rice, pap -Sides- : Creamed Spinach, Butternut, Chakalaka -Salads-: Potato, Coleslaw, Beetroot -Dessert-: Mini chocolate mousse, Mini cheesecake mousse -Drinks-: A variety of popular cool drinks and water.

Spit Braai

[UPGRADE] MEATS:- [Choose 3] Deboned leg of lamb served off the spit, Honey mustard chicken pieces, Giant meatballs with glazed onions, Sliced beef with BBQ gravy, T-Bone Steak, Lamb mini sausages served in BBQ sauce with caramelized onions SIDES:- [Choose 5] Rolls, Garlic bread, Pot bread, Creamy spinach, Pumpkin fritters, Roast potatoes, Pap and gravy, Potato bake, Green salad DESSERT:- [Choose 1], Malva pudding and custard, Strawberry fridge tart, Jelly custard, Fruit salad and ice cream, Sticky toffee pudding with custard, Baked sago with custard DRINKS:- A variety of popular cooldrinks SNACKS:- A variety of crisps

Own Food

There's a surcharge on self-catering. One kitchen cleaning staff, No washing of clients dishes permitted. Use of Fayview dishwashers for Fayview hired inventory only. Use of fridge, freezer, microwave, gas stove, gas (not for cooking but to warm up only), electricity, and general shelving and furniture within kitchen.

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Welcome Drinks

Welcome Drinks

Welcome drinks and tea refreshment package. Includes a variety of cordials served at arriving guests, and tea/coffee service after meals.

Drinks with Snacks and Bakery

Full welcome and refreshment service Welcome drinks and tea service accompanied by: - welcome snacks (samoosas, spring rolls, chicken/veg/beef skewers) - bakery items such as mini cakes, biscuits, desserts, pastries


No entrance drinks or tea refreshments

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Date Availability

Booked dates are not selectable. Saturdays & Public Holidays attract a 10% surcharge

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Other requirements

Do you have specific decor preference not found on our website? Do you have any specific requests to be quoted on?

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DJ Hiring

Do you want a DJ to take care of the musical ambiance of the event?

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Additional services

Have we discussed any costs for additional services?

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Photographer Hiring

Do you want a photographer to take professional pictures of your event and give it to you digitally?

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Dressing room

Do you want to use the dressing room, with refreshments?

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Honeymoon Suite

Do you want to stay over at the honeymoon suite, and watch the sun rise? (Breakfast included)

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Event Co-Ordinator

Alita Tladi

Hi I am Alita your event coordinator /event planner I have a dynamic personality and an excellent problem solver I can work under pressure It has been 12 years in the industry Your event is in safe hands.

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