Terms & Conditions

The below applies to funds paid toward the EVENT INVOICE, not the DEPOSIT.
Within 45days = No Refunds
Within 60days = 50% Refund
Within 90days = 100% Refund
Notice by Email only. Send email to info@fayview.com
Fayview Function Venue reserves the right to cancel an event due to non-payment and circumstances making it impossible to host the event..
No refund is given for event cancelation due to adverse weather conditions.
This refund is for payments made towards the event invoice.
Deposits are refundable only if the event takes place at Fayview.

Within 30days of the event = 25% Surcharge of total.
Subject to availability of requested date.
Notice by Email only.

Additional guests cost during the event will be billed according to the total of the invoice divided by number of ‘initial guests’
A further 25% will be levied additional to the above mentioned guest cost.
Additional guests are not guaranteed to receive the same decor and seating area as the initial guest list.
Extra food is always prepared for the event to accommodate such occurrences, however, Fayview is not responsible for the shortage of food and drinks.
Guests may have additional seating or await second round depending on the hall setup.
Photographers, Cleric, Caterers or any other workers during the event will pay the full extra head price as calculated above unless discounted in the invoice.

An Event is STRICTLY 6 hours long from first guest arrival.
A total of 6 hours labour, hiring and rental is allocated to an event.
3 hours prior for setup, 6 hours during the event, 3 hours after for clearing.
Any extension, even if 15 minutes, will be billed at R1000/hour
Refer to the planner for timing.

Refundable deposit of R5000 is required to book the date.
This deposit is refunded IF the event takes place at Fayview.
If the event is not at Fayview, the deposit is not refundable under any circumstance.
The refund after the event will be less breakages, additional services requested, and late exit.
Deposit refunds are strictly done 30 days after the event date.

A paid event invoice does not guarantee a booking. This deposit is required for the date booking.

Rehearsal is permitted with prior arrangement. Costs apply.
Food tasting is billed for a party of five at R3000. Hired decor may not be available for the food tasting event.
Food tasting and rehearsals subject to venue availability.

Missing or broken items cost will be deducted from the deposit. Prices differ, however costs may begin FROM:
Plate: R50 | Side plate: R40 | Small bowl: R40ea | Tumbler: R25 | Tea cup: R20 | Saucer: R20
Fork/Tablespoon/Teaspoon: R30 | Table knife R50 | Wine/Champagne glass R60 | Centerpiece R750
Napkin rings R50 | Napkin R50 | Large glass table: R4500 | Small glass table: R2500

50% Deposit upon quote acceptance.
Balance Payable 4 Weeks Before Event Date.
No preparation will be done for the event unless invoice is settled 4 weeks prior.
This payment is excluding the DATE BOOKING DEPOSIT
Only cash payment accepted to qualify for the discount.

-Bookings on dates within 30days requires full payment upfront.
-Change of guest numbers has to be confirmed 30 days before the event.
-Change of guest numbers will affect price and need a re-quote.
-Music volume is regulated by the venue due to Nature Conservation rules.
-Fayview is registered with SAMPRA for copyright music to be played at the venue.
-The DJ must be SAMPRA registered to perform at the venue
-Fayview is not responsible/liable for any media or cooking equipment used at the venue
-Client agrees to avail media including photography and video footage taken at the venue will be used in marketing Fayview.
-Client acknowledges to have media and photography taken by Fayview staff and contractors.
-A minimum of 12 guests for Restaurant hire.
-A minimum of 50 guests for Main Hall hire.
-Quote is valid for 30days only.
-The details in the signed planner is final.
-No verbal agreement will be accepted.
-All event details must be in writing.
-If a service is not used or supplied, it is NOT refundable.
-Fayview is NOT responsible for third party contractors which client either brings or asks Fayview to hire.
-Client takes full responsibility of all 3rd party services.
-Client to ensure their guest are aware of non Fayview 3rd party services resulting in potential bad rating.
-If a decor, service or arrangement is not in the signed planner, Fayview is not obliged to provide it.
-Fayview is not obliged to offer the venue the day prior for preparation. Prior arrangement is to be made. Costs apply.
-All perishables left behind on event date, including fresh flowers, food, drinks, or any items not arranged prior for storage will be disposed of upon clearing up.
-Storage fees apply for storage arrangements made at R500/day for small to medium items.
-Large items may not be stored post-event at Fayview.

**CoVID-19 RULES**
Guests and hosts will adhere to all COVID-19 legal regulations, if any.

Options for events of higher capacity than current permitted number in gathering:
a) reduce their guest list to below the max allowed
b) postpone the event until lockdown permits their guest numbers, subject to our postponement policy.
c) Cancel the booking, subject to our cancellation policy.

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