The Natural Experience


Ritzy Outdoor Dining. Sneak into Fayview Venues natural beauty.

Seat yourself at one of the swank places overlooking the dam filled with birdlife and flamingos in season.


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Welcome To Fayview

Fayview Function Venue offers a unique experience for your guests being located at the prime spot Bullfrog Dam in Benoni. The formal address is 152, President Boshoff Rd, Rynfield AH, Benoni. It can be found on Google Maps.

Private Seating

Seating outdoor or indoor are available far from each other. The conversation and giggles are absolutely private.

Natural Ambience

What better company than the romantic chirp of birds?

Unique Experience

Overlooking the scenic water filled with flamingos in season and fish flipping out of the water at sunset.





The Conservatory

This exclusive Wildlife and Bird Conservatory is a protected area, featuring the most beautiful flock of pink flamingos and rare birds in a natural environment.

The Facility

Fayview Venue has been developed using materials to keep its natural look and feel. The venue boasts water frontage.

Buffet Dining

No two lunch/dining experiences are the same at Fayview. Celebrity Chefs exhibit their Signature Dishes for your taste buds.

Memorable Events

Weddings, Birthdays, any special event becomes more special when hosted at Fayview.

Listen to the wind, it talks.

Listen to the silence, it speaks.

Listen to your heart, it knows.

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